"On this Field Ohio's Sons Sacrificed Life and Health for One Country and One Flag."
Updated 1/19/97
Photo In Bloody Lane Looking Towards the 8th OVI Monument 45k
Photo The 8th OVI Monument 65k
Photo Bloody Lane from the Observation Tower 45k
Photo Looking down the road to the Roulette Farm 53k
Photo The barn on the Roulette Farm 28k
Photo Headstone of Lt. Lantry, Antietam National Cemetary 52k
Thomas Galwey's Map of the 8th's Position at Antietam
Article written by a member of the 8th from the Sandusky Register

"Forward we go over fences and through an apple orchard. Now we are close to the enemy. They rise up in the sunken lane and pour a deadly fire into us. Our men drop in every few files. The ground on which we are charging has no depression, no shelter of any kind. There is nothing to do but to advance or break into a rout. We know there is no support behind us on this side of the creek. So we go foward on the run, heads downward as if under a pelting rain."

From "The Valiant Hours" by Thomas Francis Galwey
Copyright 1961 by Geoffrey Galwey

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